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Emergency Procedure


Emergency Crisis Plan – In a major crisis, the meeting location will be in the Civic Center Parking Lot.


EMTs – There will be an EMT (First Aid) Booth located in the Festival area next to the VIP Tent with a stationary EMT. There will also be 2 EMTs on a Medical cart on Parade Route. EMTs on site will be on the radio. Water and ice will be provided.


Lost Child – if you find a lost child, please reassure them that everything will be all right. Take a minute to walk around the immediate area with the child to look for his/her parents.


If you are unsuccessful, please exercise the following steps:

Notify the nearest Sheriff or security officer and provide the correct information, including a description and location of where the child was lost. Give the child’s and parent’s names if the child knows them. Alert your supervisor, and then walk the child to the Lost Children’s Center, located at the EMT Tent in Festival Area directly next to VIP Tent. If anyone inquires about the lost child, direct them to the Lost Children’s Center.


CMCP and Staff will defer to Sheriff’s Department and CHP for direction in case of a significant emergency. Radios will be distributed to designated Sheriff and CHP personnel at the EMTtent with specific radio channels.

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